• Clydesdale Shaq waiting for the Conifer Parade.

  • Like father, like son -- passing on the Santa tradition.

  • A door hanger adds a decorative touch.

  • Greg P and his wife out for a snowy spin.

  • John H uses his sleigh bells in his community orchestra.

  • Add a merry jingle to a table setting.

  • Neck bells on a handsome dapple gray.

  • Shaft chimes go on the vehicle, not the horse.

  • Dress up a drinkable gift with a bottle "choker".

  • Wolverine "Bo" proudly wears U of Michigan colors.

  • Bo's deer buddy is dressed up too.

  • Not just for Christmas! Dress up a door year 'round.

  • Santa David measures youngsters with his sleigh bell strap.

  • Morgan H and her Percheron are ready for a winter parade.

  • A pair of handsome old sleigh bells.

  • Mollie and Marti sleighing home with the tree.

  • Sisters Kathy and Judy on a trail ride.

  • One of my favorite designs with bright yarn tassels.

  • Honey Bee and Buttercup and their "sleigh dog" collars.

  • Even saddle horses can wear sleigh bells!

  • Lynda T added a decorative bow to her 6-bell door strap.

Celebrating the magic of sleigh bells!

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