3-bell strap #3.3, antique bells, one of a kind

The bells on this 3-bell door strap have been hand picked for a clear, musical sound and pleasing appearance.

The bells are about 200 years old. They will have some visual flaws, including casting defects, hairline cracks, scratches, etc. as evidence of their long history. More about our bells...

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  • 3-bell strap 3.3: Petal bells. Bells date to the early 1800s. Top bell is marked with an unusual "3" or zig-zag maker's mark by an unknown foundry. The smallest bell has a faint "SN" mark and was made by Seth North. The middle bell is marked with a faint "R", maker unknown. Bell sizes: Approximately 2", 2", and 1 5/8" across. Dark brown leather. View supersize images to best see the markings and condition of these bells: Right view. Left view.

This bridle leather strap is fully lined with leather on the back and comes with a solid brass hanging ring sized to slip over most residential door knobs. The ring has been artificially darkened for an antique look.

Overall length is about 14 inches long, including the ring. The leather strap without the ring is about 3 inches shorter.

Sold per each. This is a one-of-a-kind item.

Price: $123.90
163.31 CAD 96.48 GBP 109.21 EUR
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