Dog collar, 3 antique bells -- SALE

This collar is a first-quality custom order that did not work out. I'm offering it for a few dollars less than my normal price in the hope that a good person with a good dog will give it a good home.

The collar has three 1 1/8" diameter bells in the "round ridge" style.  These antique bells have a high, bright jingle that carries well without being annoyingly loud. The five adjustment holes on this 5/8" wide strap will allow it to fit a dog that wears a collar that is 11" to a 15" when buckled.

My Gypsy, a petite 35-pound German Shorthair Pointer, is modeling the collar buckled in the last hole. Ideally I'd make a slightly larger collar for her, but this one is a comfortable fit, and she looks cute wearing it. Gypsy would definitely let me know if the sound of the bells annoyed her, but she acts like she doesn't even have it on.

Made with antique solid-brass sleigh bells, solid-brass hardware, and durable bridle leather in medium brown. The edges of the collar are dyed to match the main color and carefully finished. I add a delicate "crease" around all edges of the collar as a traditional decorative accent.

Sold per each. One only as shown, ready to ship.

Price: $55.00
73.72 CAD 43.37 GBP 48.35 EUR