Unlined strap 17.1 with 17 vintage bells

We purchased this one-of-a-kind strap from an estate. We are selling the strap in as-is condition after a bit of tidying and minor fixing up. The solid brass sleigh bells are vintage, meaning they were made sometime between the mid 1900s through recent years. The strap is made of vintage harness leather.

This bell strap has bells ranging from a #2 (1 1/4") to a #18 (2 7/8"). The sizes of the bells up to size #8 (2") are somewhat irregular, but the large odd-numbered bells are on one half of the strap and the large even-numbered bells on the other, with the biggest #18 bell is in the center.

The bells have been wiped clean of dust and loose grime, but they have not been polished. They have a moderate amount of oxidation and discoloration. You could polish the bells by hand to a bright shine with some elbow grease and a good brass polish. More about polishing bells...

This strap is about 67" long and 1 1/2" wide. The leather was harvested from a vintage harness, so this repurposed strap will have stitching holes, worn edges, surface wear, and other evidence of its previous life.

The leather is pliable and slightly oily. It has been wiped clean of dust and loose surface grime. The strap did not originally have a buckle, so I added a vintage buckle so the strap can be fastened into a circle. This strap is unlined -- it is made from a single layer of leather.

This item is a vintage item suitable for decorative purposes only. Do not use this strap on a horse or for any other application where strength, safety, and durability are requirements.

Contact me before buying if you have questions. You may return the strap for a refund of your purchase price (no refund of shipping costs.) This item is sold with no warranty and no guarantee.

One available as shown.

Price: $220.00
276.52 CAD 155.83 GBP 181.13 EUR