Black pebble-grain leather, 8 oz
Black pebble-grain leather, 8 oz
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This vegetable-tanned leather is probably a carving and tooling leather made either by Wickett & Craig or Hermann Oak.

This is a full side of approximately 18 sf.

The leather is approximately 8 oz and has been leveled (thinned) to that weight. The thickness drops off at the belly, armpit, and flank areas.

Semi-gloss black on top with a pebble-grain finish. Natural color on flesh side. Color is not struck through.

The leather is dry feeling, not oily, with a firm temper. It would be suitable for place mats, picture frames, can coozies, small cases with sewn corners, and similar items that should be made from a fairly stiff leather.

This is a #2 grade leather, but the piece is fairly clean. There may be a few small scuffs from handling and storage. The leather is in otherwise good condition with no mold, water, or light damage.

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