Biehn Brothers special order

Update 2/13/2019 - Set #2, second from left, is SOLD

I have come up with 5 sets of "Fat Albert" Swedish bells for you. Each full set has 7 bells. The bells are shown in the first photo (click "See more images"). The left hand set is set #1, the right hand set is set #5, and sets 2, 3 and 4 are in order between these two. The paper to the right of the bells gives the diameters of the bells in each set.

All of the bells are in very good to excellent condition except for the 2 largest bells at the top of Sets 3 and 4. Each of these bells has a longer hairline crack similar to the crack on Gary's largest bell. Their price has been adjusted accordingly. The other bells have no damage or only short hairline cracks appropriate for their age.

The "G" or "S" at the bottom of the paper is about the color -- G for gold and S for silver. The gold bells are pretty much golden all over. The silver bells are not entirely silver because the original plating is worn in places. Some bells are more silvery and some are more golden, but the overall effect is a soft silver.

I am offering 2 proposals for straps. One proposal is a 7-bell strap for $290 plus shipping using the sets of bells shown in the first photo.

The other proposal is a 5-bell strap for $230 plus shipping. The second photo shows the sets of bells I would use for the 5-bell straps. They are the same bells as in the first photo except the third and bottom rows have been removed.

An optional top buckle can be added to any strap for an additional $12. The next 2 photos show a display strap I did for a customer that is similar to what I propose to make for you. This strap shows the optional top buckle. The last photo shows a strap without a buckle.

Please let me know in the Notes section below which set of bells you want to purchase. Please provide TWO choices -- your first choice and an alternate. Any conflicts will be resolved based on the order in which I receive your orders.

Please contact me at 563-864-3201 or if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Price: $230.00
307.99 CAD 176.78 GBP 204.45 EUR
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