5 jingle bells with Ring and Conchos, Limited Edition

This limited edition door strap is ornamented with a hanging ring, five jingle bells 1 1/2" across, and four conchos. The steel bells and ring have a black-iron finish, and the conchos are made from a tin and silver alloy that looks like pewter. The photo (left) includes our regular gold-tone jingle bell so you can compare the color difference.

The strap is 1 1/2" wide and 24" tall, not including the ring, and is cut from firm, high quality leather. (Similar straps sold by others are typically only 1" wide.) The edges of each strap are hand dyed and decoratively creased. The ring adds another 2" to the overall length. This item is a variation on our 9-bell strap with ring.

Available in your choice of leather color. This strap will look best in medium brown (shown) or black. View colors...

Sold per each. Quantities are limited.

Price: $41.90
55.04 CAD 32.50 GBP 37.60 EUR
Leather color
Dark brown
Medium brown
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