Belt bell

This bell is made to slide onto and hang from Santa's belt, like a knife sheath, with enough leather between the belt and the bell to act as a handle. The bell will jingle gently when you walk, but can also be rung by hand for a louder, attention-getting sound.

The antique "petal" bell on this piece is 2" to 2 1/4" across (our XL to 2XL size range). This is big enough to make a handsome statement and have a clear, carrying tone, but not so bulky and heavy that the bell is awkward to handle.

Why the range in sizes? I do not have many bells in this size range that sound good enough to be used alone, so I need some flexibility to find a bell with the best appearance and tone. More about our bells...

The leather strap, when sized to fit onto a 4" wide belt, can be monogrammed as shown with up to eight 3/8" letters. "SC", "Santa", and "St Nick" or any reindeer name including "Rudolph" will fit nicely, but there is not room for "Santa Claus". Please use the "Notes" section below to let me know what you would like for the monogram -- or none at all.

The overall length of this piece is about 11". The leather strap itself is about 8" long.

Sold per each. Quantities are very limited -- order early in the year for best availability. We always sell out of these bells as Christmas approaches. Made to order -- allow about 1 week for us to make this item.

Price: $85.00
113.70 CAD 67.52 GBP 75.85 EUR
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