Antique sleigh bell on leather handle, optional monogram

An antique sleigh bell fitted with a monogrammed leather handle is perfect for ringing in the season.

For the 2019 season, the antique "petal" bells available for this design are all 2 3/8" to 2 1/2" across (our 3XL size). but they come in two levels of quality --

  • If a large sleigh bell survives a century or more of use on horses without being badly damaged, it will usually have a loud, resonant "clangy" sound and have several cracks or other blemishes due to age and normal use. These average-quality bells are down-to-earth sleigh bells with definite antique character.
  • A few of our large antique bells are a step above. Compared with average-quality bells, they will have an exceptionally musical sound (more like a "liberty" style teacher's bell) and smaller and fewer defects overall. These are our extra-quality bells. Each year, less than one quarter of our marketable 3XL bells will sound and look good enough to qualify as extra-quality bells.

All of these large antique bells will have some visual flaws -- casting defects, hairline cracks, scratches, etc. These bells will also vary slightly in shape and size. If you order two or more of these bells, we will do our best to send bells that are similar in appearance and tone, but we cannot guarantee they will match.

The handle is made of firm yet flexible bridle or carving leather. The bell and handle, as shown, are about 7 1/2" long. One side of the leather handle can be stamped with a name, word, or phrase up to eight 3/8" characters long. (A space counts as a character.) For example, "Santa", "S Claus", "St Nick", "Believe", or any reindeer name including "Rudolph" will fit nicely, but there is not room for "Santa Claus".

Click on "See more images" to view examples of monograms. Please note some examples are of new bells or of antique bells smaller than the 3XL size. The handle and monogram are the same no matter what bell is used.

Sold per each. Quantities are very limited -- order early in the year for best availability.

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