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Short bell straps

Display straps, collar and team bells, harness drops, shaft bells, cowbell straps, other smaller pieces

Keeper-loop straps

Long, lined straps. The lining strap and bell strap are held together with separate "keeper loops"

Laced straps

Long, lined straps. The bell strap is woven through the wider liner strap

Rivet straps

Long, lined straps. The bell strap and lining strap are fastened together with small rivets

Unlined straps

Long single-layer straps usually with "rivet" style bells

Stitched-edge straps

Straps with stitching along the sides. The stitching is sometimes functional and other times decorative

Pony straps

Wide straps with two or more rows of small bells.

Rump straps

Wide, short bell straps usually with large Swedish bells

Straps with modern bells

Modern bells (mid 1900s and later) can be restored too!

Straps with steel bells

We can restore steel bells for their sentimental value.

Out-of-the-ordinary bell projects

Straps with bells arranged in non-traditional patterns. Bell straps with unusual details.

Recently added projects

Custom projects recently added to my portfolio

Dance and percussion bells

Bells for dancing, drumming, and orchestral use

Everything else!

Purses, knife and axe sheaths, harness and tack, etc.