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Feedback from Customers

Here are unsolicited compliments, stories, and photos from happy customers:

Just a note to tell you how helpful you have been to me by repeatedly answering questions even before I placed an order.... My strand of antique brass bells is now complete thanks to you and your supplies. They are just beautiful and I am very happy with how the entire project came out. Thanks again. --Regards, Peter


The bells arrived yesterday.... They are lovely! I like the choice you made for the leather, too. They do have a nice sound! I was talking on the phone to the family member who passed them on to me when the package arrived. She waited while I opened the box and I shared the first ringing of the bells with her. She's happy, too! I will send her a photo this week so she can see the quality of your workmanship. Thank you, thank you! --Bonnie B


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent quality again this year. I was blown away last year when I received my 5-bell dag and my 6-bell door hanger. This year the Santa bells are beautiful too.... They turned out great and I know my family will treasure them for years. I hope you have a great holiday season, and are able to find the time to enjoy it. I look forward to my next purchase because I know I will love it whatever it may be. --Will D


The bells were awesome! Thank you so much; my boys [dogs] will love them! --Jennifer C


My Classic Bells just arrived and look and sound terrific!!! I couldn't wait to put them on my Santa boots... Cannot wait to make my entrance at my Christmas gigs! --Santa Bob J


Thanks once again. Love the boot bells and the sleigh bells. --Ron B


A package was placed on my front porch on Friday evening, and I was so excited. I could not believe how quickly my order was processed, shipped and arrived. Outstanding service. Then I opened the box and I was amazed at these bells. The workmanship is such high quality, and the sound they make is beautiful. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so very much! --Kathy C


They are beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing. These bells have significant sentimental value to Dorothy, and she was near tears when she saw them. You done good! --Sam


Last night was [my dog's] Christmas party at obedience school. Time to don the bells. He got so excited when I buckled them around his neck and began running around the house filling it with Jingle Bells.

We returned home in the late evening just as snow began to sift through the air, and took a walk. It wasn't long before I heard the bells begin to sound in a precise rhythm -- I looked at [my dog] and he was gaiting at a steady pace. He did it on his own and kept it up, enjoying the music he was making.

It was a gift from his very being. Nary a sleigh bell will ring that I won't remember this breathtaking moment. Thank you for the lovely bells. They are making memories. --Kathy H

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They are wonderful! What a lovely [sound]. ... Very nice harness work too. Now if we can keep our daughter from taking them for her horses. --John C


We just received our order for Santa's Number 2 new double-throat bell. We are delighted with the quality of your product.  You are going to make a young lady (our Granddaughter) very happy on Christmas morning.... --Tom and Regina L


I recently purchased the "five bell dag" and was so impressed with the quality and care that you put into it that I  also ordered the 6 bell door strap. 

I am a little skeptical about ordering things online, because I am always concerned that the product won't live up to the picture.  I believe in your case though the picture does not do bells justice.  I am so proud of my new bells I had to have the family over to see them, and have told everyone I know about them, and where they need to go to get their own set. 

I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for the pride you take in your workmanship, and also thank you because now I know what my family is getting for Christmas next year. --Will D


Thank you and you husband for the lovely work on the bells. Exactly what I wanted. Now I need a nice box to store them in in the off season... Hmmm. You might consider offering one or more wooden box sizes for storage. Or did I miss that and you do offer an option for storage? Regardless, the bells are beautiful. Thank you again for restoring the memories. --Steve F


Oh my! I received the bells yesterday and they look amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love how they cleaned up and have been restrapped.... The cousins are jealous! :) You did an awesome job, and I'm thrilled that you used the old hardware. It didn't go unnoticed by the family as I bragged about it to them. :) ... --Traci R


We LOVE the bell collar for our 2 year old Great Dane... I am sending you pics of her with her collar.  It is beautiful!  You do beautiful work and I will recommend you to everyone! --Steve Z


Just wanted to let you know [my sister] and I used our belled-breast collars this past weekend while trail riding....  At one point during the trail ride, all riders broke into song – singing Jingle Bells.

The bells are great and they received a lot of positive comments from our group and other riders on the trail. Just wanted to let you know they are being put to good use. --Kathy B


Received the bells today and they are just beautiful. We are very pleased and recommend anyone wanting to restore their sleigh bells to contact you. My daughters will be so pleased - thank you for suggesting to split them up so each of us has a part of our family history. --Tamara R


Dad is still here with us, but getting sicker. I want you to know how much he loves the bells. He knew immediately what they were. Tears rolled down his cheeks when he opened the package -- and for a "John Wayne" kinda "man's man" that is a lot for him to be so touched. He loved them. He smiled so big. Gave them a good ole shake -- and everyone laughed, hugged, smiled, cried, and "remembered when." ...

Dad was feeling sick on Christmas, but nothing would stop him from getting out to "shake the bells." ... Dad remarked several times on the fine craftsmanship of your work.

DeeAnna, there are people that make things -- and there are people that help make memories -- you are the kind who does both, and does it very well!!! :)

We may never meet face to face -- but, I want you to know that you will be remember by all of us with a smile. You helped us make a wonderful memory this Christmas. --Kay T


I received my order today and wanted to thank you and all who were involved. I know the weather wasn't cooperative and to be honest, I waited longer than I should have to place the order. As I mentioned, this is a gift for my Mom, which is in honor of a memory, therefore, I sincerely thank you not only for the quality of the product, but your outstanding customer service which ensured I received it before Christmas. --Bill S


Just to advise that I received my shaft chimes yesterday and how satisfied I am with this product. They are beautiful and will be a great addition to my antique pony gig. I will be ordering a set of bells for my sleigh in the fall.... --Byron H


Thank you so much for the fast delivery on the bell I ordered Monday; it got here on Wednesday I was very impressed. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful bell and wish you a Merry Christmas. Thank you again --Kayla H


Last names and other personal information have been removed. Any revisions I have made for clarity or brevity are shown by ellipsis ... or in brackets [ ]. --DeeAnna

Gift bells in handmade box

For the past few years I have purchased beautiful bells from Classic Bells Co. I have put them in the front of the house or in the fireplace for [my daughter] to find (as if they fell off Santa's reindeer).... © Lisa S, all rights reserved

Box exterior

...Sadly I think this is going to be [my daughter's] last year believing in Santa so I made this box as a keepsake to hold all of her bells.... © Lisa S, all rights reserved

Santa with wrist bells

"...Check out my new bells on my wrists!!! They actually match my belt perfectly. :) Thanks again." © Chris D, all rights reserved

Wedding bells

The bride dancing with Santa, bells a-ringing. © Karen K, all rights reserved

Bells as party favors

Glamorous winter wedding with 200 bells as wedding favors. © Karen K, all rights reserved

Rocking horse with bells

Thunder and granddaughter Brie-Brie. "Thunder took First Place in "Woodworking-Other" at the 2015 Kansas State Fair. Thunder is all Brazilian Mahogany. Rifle is a half scale Winchester Model 1895 carved out of Kansas Black Walnut. All the tack is home-made, except I bought a miniature horse saddle for 3-yr-olds and modified it to fit." © Dave C, all rights reserved

Sleigh bell banquet favors

Sleigh bell banquet favors for 500 guests. "The bells were a big hit! I heard them ringing all over the room all night. I still get compliments on the bells from the party guests. They really loved them." © Sibilla M, all rights reserved

Dogs wearing bells

Sleigh dog collar on English springer spaniel. © Doug C, all rights reserved

Bell strap with bowAntique 6-bell strap with artful bow added by customer. © Linda T, all rights reserved

Wreath with bells

"Just wanted you to see the wreath with my Classic Bells. What a beautiful new tradition! I love them. Thanks again." © Kathy C, all rights reserved

Pony sleigh with chimes

Shaft chimes on a pony sleigh. "...Everyone thought [the bells] were so nice and had a good sound to them...." © Katrina W, all rights reserved

Table decoration with bells

Table centerpiece with small silver bells. © Sibilla M, all rights reserved

Measuring child with bell strap

"Your sleigh bells belt has become a highlight of each visit that Santa makes: from the children carrying the belt, to wearing it around their necks and then to having their height measured in bells. Thank you once again for creating such a special sleigh bells belt." --Santa David. © David K, all rights reserved

Bells on a Budweiser clydesdale

"[Here are] your bells around the neck of "Mick", one of the [Budweiser] Clydesdales ... Dave, the gentleman trainer with the horse, was impressed with your bells. [My brother] gave the trainer some history behind the bells & about your business. He said when he took the photo & asked the kids to smile, the horse, Mick, immediately turned his head as if he were posing as well." --Lois F. © Dean K, all rights reserved