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Bell Restoration: Giving new life to old bells

Sleigh bells in box

So you have some old sleigh bells. The bells are probably dirty and dingy and the old leather strap is most likely in rough shape or even missing. We can clean and polish your bells, design and construct a new bell strap and can often replace missing or damaged bells with bells from our inventory. Every custom restoration project is a "one of a kind" assignment in our workshop.

We work on custom projects as time allows, so it is difficult for us to provide definite completion dates for these projects. If you require require a fast turnaround or a definite deadline, another craftsperson may be better able to meet your time constraints. If you are willing to be flexible and patient, we will do a good job for you.

The last half of the year is a busy time for our business due to our seasonal wholesale and retail sales. Custom projects received later in the year are nearly impossible to complete by that year's holiday season, so custom projects received...

...before July 1st will be finished and returned to you before the upcoming holiday season.

...on or after July 1st will be put on hold until after the holiday season is over.

We resume working on custom orders in February. Projects are completed in the order in which they were received.

Photo: Box of antique sleigh bells and their original strap waiting for restoration


Steps in a restoration project

You will want to:

We will:

  • Visit with you about your bells and let you know you when your bells arrive at our workshop
  • Clean, polish, and lacquer the bells, as needed
  • Design and construct the new bell strap(s) or other items as required
  • Notify you when your projects are done and let you know the final balance due
  • Carefully package and ship your finished projects
  • Honor our guarantee to fix errors in our materials or workmanship