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From Lansing, Iowa

Classic Bells, 669 Woodchuck Drive, Postville, Iowa 52162. 563-864-3201.

We welcome visitors, but we do not keep regular shop hours. Kindly contact us in advance to arrange a visit.

To avoid miles of slow driving on curvy gravel and dirt roads, plan your route so you travel as much as possible on our local hard-surface highways X16, W60, W4B, and B38.

1. From Lansing, head west on Highway 9 through Waukon. Go 18.4 mi.
2. Turn left at the intersection of Highway 76/Rossville Rd and Highway 9 south of Waukon. Go 1.2 mi.
3 . Turn right onto X16/Forest Mills Rd. Go 4.5 mi.
4. Turn right onto W4B/Yellow River Dr. This road tees into Forest Mills at a blind intersection, so this turn may be a little tricky. Go 2.4 mi.
5. Turn left onto gravel Williams Creek Rd. Go 1.3 mi.
6. Turn left onto gravel Woodchuck Dr. Go 0.6 mi.
7. Look for "669" sign and black mailbox on right. Turn right onto gravel lane.

View map on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/PwQG4