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Appraising & Buying Sleigh Bells


We do not do appraisals of the market value of sleigh bells. This includes giving rough ballpark values based on word descriptions or photographs.

We do not know of anyone who specializes in appraising sleigh bells.


Selling your bells

The best way to get a sense of the market value of your bells is to research the marketplace you intend to use when selling. The prices you see in your chosen marketplace will not necessarily be accurate for any other marketplace.

If you want to sell the bells on eBay or other online auction site, watch auctions for comparable bells on the site and note the selling prices. Bear in mind that shipping and selling fees will reduce the actual price received by the seller.

If you want to sell the bells at local auction or to an antique dealer, check auction databases at websites such as Worthpoint or look at the prices paid for sleigh bells at antique stores and auctions. Be sure to deduct auction house commission, retail markup, sales tax, etc. because these fees will reduce the actual price received by the seller.

Market prices for sleigh bells will vary depending on how well the bells are marketed by the seller, the level of interest by the audience viewing the bells, the time of year the sale takes place, the overall state of the economy, etc. More information from the American Bell Association.

Another option to consider as an alternative to selling your bells is to donate them to a charity or charitable fund raiser. In the US, one can deduct the fair value of certain donations from taxable income.



We do not sell other people's bells on consignment. We only sell bells we own.


We buy bells

We buy antique horse and sleigh bells -- in other words, bells used on or with horses that were made before the mid 1900s.

We buy bells for use in our business; we are not private collectors. Please understand we cannot purchase bells at retail prices that will then be resold at retail.

We do not buy modern sleigh bells; large church, school, or farm bells; hand or call bells; cow, goat, or other animal bells; vintage collectible bells; "Bells of Sarna" or similar Indian or Asian bells; or bell toys.

If you are interested in selling your sleigh bells, please contact us with:

  • General description, including condition (cracks, poor tone, etc.)
  • Clear, closeup photos sent by email or mail, whichever is easiest for you
  • Your asking price

We will not make a "cold" offer to buy. Please be prepared to tell us, up front, what price you are expecting for your bells. If you are not sure, see the previous section on "Appraisals" for tips on pricing your bells. We will respond with an offer that is fair from our perspective.

If we do buy your bells, we will also reimburse you for reasonable shipping costs. We will mail a check promptly upon receipt of the bells.