Bear bell, antique sleigh bell

This heirloom quality bear bell features an antique sleigh bell fastened with a loop of weather-resistant leather to a sturdy bolt snap.

The bell can be fastened to a dog, backpack, walking staff, horse, or bicycle to warn away pheasants, quail, bears, and other wildlife as you hike or walk your dog. The bell will also alert other people to your presence when visibility is limited. People also fasten these bells to their motorcycles as a good luck charm.

When using a bear bell on a dog, bear in mind this bell will bounce around when the dog trots and runs. I recommend fastening a bear bell to the dog's harness so the bell lies on the back and shoulders for more comfort. My more-compact dog bell is more suitable for a dog to wear on its collar.

Your choice of bell size -- #2 (1 1/4" across), #3 (1 3/8"), or #4 (1 1/2"). I normally use antique petal bells to make this item, but I will use antique round ridge bells instead if I do not have suitable petal bells.

Which size to choose? Larger antique bells tend to be slightly louder and lower pitched than smaller antique sleigh bells. Compared to new solid-brass bells of the same size, antique bells typically have a lower pitch and more mellow sound.

Note: The images for this product show bear bells made with new solid-brass bells. Here is what an antique #2 bell looks like...

Overall length is about 5 inches. The snap, rivet fastener, and antique bell are all solid brass. More about our bells...

Sold per each.

Price: $20.00
24.66 CAD 14.51 GBP 17.20 EUR
Bell size
#2 (1 1/4")
#3 (1 3/8") (+$1.50)
#4 (1 1/2") (+$5.00)