Horse brass strap #5, black, chickens theme

The strap is made from black bridle leather. Its horse brass is a well-made modern design with a scalloped solid-brass frame surrounding a ceramic center disk.

The glazed ceramic, dated 2008, is decorated with a vignette of a bold rooster and lovely hen in shades of black, golden tan, and red. The picture is fired onto the ceramic; it is not just painted on.

Click "See more images" to see larger images of this piece. The shiny brass and ceramic surfaces show some glare in the photographs, but please be assured the picture of the chickens is crisp and bold.

The piece is 11" long and 3" wide with a 2 1/2" solid brass hanging ring at the top.

One only as shown.

Price: $49.00
66.75 CAD 37.81 GBP 45.00 EUR