Cowbell strap, half length

A cow bell is designed to be hung on a wide leather strap buckled around a cow's neck. But by the time we see a customer's cow bell, the strap is usually long gone.

This half-length neck strap is designed for displaying an American-style cowbell in the home or at sports games. This item will not fit a real cow. If you want a strap for a live cow, please purchase our full-length cowbell strap.

The strap will be 22" to 24" long from buckle to tip. It can be flattened into a strap for display (as shown) or it can be buckled to form a circle. When the strap is flattened as shown in the photo (left), the total length of the strap and ring is 10 inches, give or take an inch or so.

The strap is available in dark brown, black, and medium brown. View colors... Choose the width that will best fit through the loop on your cowbell.

Price below is for one cowbell strap and solid brass hanging ring. Hardware and design details may vary -- see photos for examples.

Price per each. Strap and ring only -- cowbell is not included.

Price: $34.00
46.84 CAD 26.68 GBP 31.69 EUR