Dog bell, antique sleigh bell

This antique sleigh bell is easy to add to your dog's collar. The heavy-duty button snap allows the loop to be opened and the bell removed while the collar is still on the dog. Also useful for hikers with or without a dog -- snap this bell around a backpack strap.

The antique bell has a clear carrying sound suitable for busy festive occasions, field trials, and search and rescue work, or for hiking when wildlife needs to be warned away.

Unlike a bell fitted with a bolt snap, this compact design will be more comfortable for a dog to wear on its collar, because the bell will not bounce heavily on the dog's chin and chest.

I recommend this bell for medium to larger dogs. To give you a sense of scale, the dog in the photo is Gypsy, my petite 35 pound German Shorthair Pointer. She is wearing a #4 bell.

Your choice of bell size -- #2 (1 1/4" across), #3 (1 3/8"), or #4 (1 1/2"). I normally use antique petal bells to make this item, but I will use antique round ridge bells instead if I do not have suitable petal bells.

Which size to choose? Larger antique bells tend to be slightly louder and lower pitched than smaller antique sleigh bells. Compared to new solid-brass bells of the same size, antique bells typically have a lower pitch and more mellow sound.

Antique bell with a solid-brass button snap. The sturdy bridle-leather loop comes in your choice of black, dark brown, or medium brown. The loop will fit up to 1" wide collars made from heavy leather or double-thickness nylon.

Sold per each.

Price: $20.00
25.32 CAD 14.49 GBP 16.98 EUR
Bell size
#2 (1 1/4")
#3 (1 3/8") (+$1.50)
#4 (1 1/2") (+$5.00)
Leather color
Dark brown
Medium brown