Dog collar, plain

For occasions when bells are not appropriate canine attire, this well-made collar is a classic alternative. I put a delicate "crease" around all edges of the collar as a traditional decorative accent.

The collar is made with the same solid-brass hardware and strong, durable leather that we use for our sleigh-dog collar and horse-bell straps. It should last for years with modest care.

The collar comes in your choice of strap width and black, dark brown, or medium brown color. View colors...

  • Narrow: Strap is 5/8" wide. Recommended for small to medium dogs with 12 to 18 inch collars.
  • Medium: Strap is 7/8" wide. Recommended for medium to extra-large dogs with 14 to 28 inch collars.
  • Wide: Strap is 1 1/4" wide. Recommended for large to supersize dogs with collars 20 inches and longer.

The collar shown at left was made of dark brown bridle leather with solid brass hardware and sized for a young English Mastiff. It is 1 1/4" wide and 23" around when buckled into the middle hole. We normally put 5 holes on a collar for a mature dog, but this collar has 7 holes to allow a little "growing room".

Please provide the buckled length (not the total length) of the collar. Measure carefully, please. There will be a charge for making a replacement collar if you mis-measure -- my goofs are the only ones I will fix for free.  How to measure... and size guidelines for various dog breeds...

The price shown is for one medium strap with a buckled length of 18-21".

Sold per each. Made to order -- allow about 2 weeks for us to make this item.

Price: $40.00
54.49 CAD 30.86 GBP 36.73 EUR