Antique Sunday strap with 28 globe bells

This antique "Sunday" strap with 28 antique sleigh bells is offered in the same used condition as we received it. Please click on "See more images" to see larger photos of the strap and the bells.

The machine-stamped bells on this strap are solid-brass antique bells made sometime between the mid 1800s through the early 1900s. Machine-stamped bells with an egg shape like these were sometimes called "Dexter" bells. More about machine-stamped bells...

The strap is made of plates, also of stamped sheet brass, that are connected with small links. The bells are riveted onto the plates. These rather delicate bell straps are sometimes called "Sunday" straps by modern collectors, because they were supposedly used only for special occasions such as going to church. More about Sunday straps... The strap is about 79" long and 1 3/8" wide.

This strap is unusual because it still retains its original hook fastener at one end. Some of the plates are slightly to moderately bent, however, and some of the rivets have loosened so some bells are no longer locked tightly onto their plates. See photos.

We have only wiped the bells and strap clean of loose grime and dust; we have made no other changes or repairs.

This item is suitable for decorative purposes only. Do not use this strap on a horse or for any other application where strength, safety, and durability are requirements.

Contact me before buying if you have questions. You may return the strap for a refund of your purchase price (no refund of shipping costs) if returned in the same condition it was when I shipped it to you. This item is sold with no warranty and no guarantee.

One available as shown.

Price: $310.00
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