Vintage lined strap with 48 globe bells, celluloid buckle

This vintage strap with antique "globe" bells is offered in the same used condition as we received it. Please click on "See more images" to see larger photos of the strap and bells.

The solid brass bells date to the late 1800s or early 1900s. They were originally plated with shiny nickel. Some of this plating has worn away to expose the underlying golden brown brass, but the overall color of these bells is still a soft silver. The bells are in good to excellent condition.

The original black surface of the strap has largely worn away, so the strap color is now a rusty medium brown. The strap is about 95" long from buckle to tip and 1 1/8" wide. 

The billet (end with holes for the buckle) has a fancy shape and is sewn onto the main bell strap. The end of the billet closest to the bells is marked with a "117" which was probably the manufacturer's or seller's model number for this particular design. The billet is lined with a separate layer of leather. Some of the stitching that holds the billet and lining together has failed due to age and use. This can be restitched by me or any other capable leather worker.

The buckle at the other end is an elegant celluloid-coated steel buckle with a wide "box loop" (keeper) stamped with a handsome traditional pattern. I show a similar celluloid buckle in this Youtube video...

In their 1915 catalog, the Starr Brothers Bell Company offered their top-of-the-line "Broadway" strap, which looks almost the same as this strap. Back in the day, you could purchase a Broadway strap similar to this one -- 48 nickel-plated bells, fancy shaped billet, box loop, and covered buckle -- for $12.00 to $16.00 depending on the options you chose.

We have only wiped the bells and strap clean of loose grime and dust; we have made no other changes or repairs.

This item is suitable for decorative purposes only. Do not use this strap on a horse or for any other application where strength, safety, and durability are requirements.

Contact me before buying if you have questions. You may return the strap for a refund of your purchase price (no refund of shipping costs) if the item is returned in the same condition it was in when I shipped it to you. This item is sold with no warranty and no guarantee.

One available as shown.

Price: $528.00
719.24 CAD 407.40 GBP 484.86 EUR