Santa's belt I

This classic belt is the perfect addition to Santa's jacket. Made with firm, yet pliable bridle leather, your 4" buckle, and careful finishing, this handsome belt will look great after decades of use.

Buckles for Santa belts vary widely, so we must have your buckle in hand before we make the belt. The example shown features a matte-finish Coke-style buckle with two tongues (no longer being made). See below for more information about buying a good buckle.

Your belt will be similar in design to the one shown in the photos. I promise to pay careful attention to proper fit and crisp profesional detailing. I will also use leather hand cut from the best part of the cowhide and high quality, sturdy hardware.

The buckle will be fastened onto the belt with solid-brass post-and-screw fasteners. Two leather "keepers" are included to tidy the loose tip of the belt.

The belt will be cut to fit Santa's waist size, so please measure Santa's girth carefully. How to measure belt length....

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for supplying the buckle. In my experience, Santas are very particular about their attire, and a buckle can make or break "the look" of Santa's ensemble. With so many different styles of buckles on the market, it would be tough for me to stock a selection of buckles to suit every person's taste and pocket book.

Buckle ordering tips: Makers of Santa buckles often sell out as the year goes on. Purchase a buckle early in the year to prevent disappointment. To save time and shipping costs, you can ask the maker to ship the buckle directly to us.

Buckle buying tips: Large buckles will look better and be more comfortable to wear if the frame (the outside rectangular portion of the buckle) is gently curved from side to side, not flat. Also, if the frame is closer to a square rather than a narrow rectangle, it will be easier to buckle and it will be more likely to stay nicely in place when the belt is worn. All edges of the frame should be smooth and rounded for personal comfort and for long belt life.

Buckle suppliers: Well-made 4" Santa buckles are available ranging from limited production designs to wholly custom-made. Here are several buckle makers in business at the time of this writing --

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This particular item is a retired product we no longer offer for sale. Items in this Custom Projects section are for information only; they are not available for regular sale.

Price: For inspiration, not for sale
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