A tale of three bell straps: Laced, keeper loop, unlined

An Iowa couple visited our workshop to deliver three sets of sleigh bells they had collected over the years. They asked us to clean and polish the 82 bells and put them on new straps for display. All three straps are dark brown bridle leather. The buckle and billet (tongue) ends of each strap are similar to the original strap fragments we received with the bells. Otherwise each bell strap is completely different. As a group, the three bell straps make a handsome statement.

Top strap: The set of 21 graduated petal bells are on a keeper-loop strap. The bells range from 1 1/8" to 2 1/4" diameter in an uneven graduation. The keeper loops and strap ends are fully hand stitched. The original buckle was reused on the new strap.

Middle strap: We put the 25 dotted petal bells, 1 1/4" diameter, on a laced strap with delicately tapered and hand-stitched ends.

Bottom strap: An unlined strap was chosen for the 36 egg bells, 1 1/4" diameter. The buckle and billet are separate pieces riveted to the bell strap, similar to the original.

These three straps were custom, one-of-a-kind projects made for a past client. Items in this Custom Projects section are for information only; they are not available for regular sale.

Price: For inspiration, not for sale