Display strap with larger petal bell

This curvaceous display strap showcases a single #8 petal bell (2" across) on medium brown leather.  A 2" bell, as shown here, is the smallest bell that is suitable for a one-bell strap. The bell needs to be large enough to be visually interesting, and it also has to have a clear, strong tone to sound good alone.

The owner sent this bell along with 14 smaller bells. He asked me to clean but not polish all the bells and then make two 7-bell display straps for the smaller bells (not shown) and make a separate strap to hold this larger bell.

The strap is about 8" long and about 3 1/2" wide, not including the ring. The ring adds about 3" to the overall length.

This particular item is a custom, one-of-a-kind project made for a past client. Items in this Custom Projects section are for information only; they are not available for regular sale.

Price: For inspiration, not for sale