Keeper loop strap with 39 bells

This impressive body strap was originally made for the 2007 World Clydesdale Show held in Madison, Wisconsin, and was later sold to a Texas client. It is sized to fit a Clydesdale, Belgian, Percheron or other large horse breed.

The strap features 39 antique petal bells dating from the mid to late 1800s. The bells have a big sound that is appropriate for a heavy horse. They range from petite #1 bells (1 1/8" diameter) at each end to a handsome #14 bell (about 3" diameter) in the center.

The order of the bells is #1-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-5-5-6-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-14 and back down to #1. The use of more bells in the smaller sizes is typical of century-old bell straps. The small bells are more musical and bright; the large bells add fullness and depth.

The black strap is cut from heavy USA-tanned bridle leather and has solid brass buckles stitched onto both ends. It is 1 1/2" wide and about 8 1/2 feet long from buckle to buckle. "Keeper loops" slipped between each pair of bells hold the lining and bell straps together.

When the separate leather billet is buckled onto the bell strap, the buckled length can be adjusted from 9 feet to 9 feet 10 inches.

This particular item is a custom, one-of-a-kind project made for a past client. Items in this Custom Projects section are for information only; they are not available for regular sale.

Price: For inspiration, not for sale