Breast collar for saddle horses, 6 antique bells

This western style breast collar features 6 antique sleigh bells. Four bells are size #2 (1 1/4"). The center bell on each shoulder is slightly larger -- a size #3 (1 3/8") or #4 (1 1/2" diameter).

The solid brass bells will make a pleasant music that announces your presence in a parade or trail ride without being annoying.

We will use antique solid-brass sleigh bells in our choice of "round ridge" or "petal" style. The style we use will depend on the quality and sound of the antique bells we have in stock. New solid-brass "petal" bells are also an option. More about our bells...

The breast collar will be made with bridle leather in your choice of black, dark brown, or medium brown. View colors...

The breast collar is sized to fit many average-size horses and large ponies wearing western-style tack. A slender Rocky Mountain horse (left) and a sturdy Norwegian Fjord horse (right) are shown here.

The lining of each shoulder strap is laced onto the bell strap using an attractive, durable design that originated in the mid-1800s. The chest strap and shoulder straps are stitched onto the center ring.

The breast collar shown has the following lengths, as measured from the center of the breast-collar ring to the end of each strap:

  • Shoulder strap going up to the saddle: Adjusts from 23 to 29 inches including the snap
  • Chest strap going down to the girth: Adjusts from 17 to 23 inches including the snap
  • If you do not want to use the snap, subtract 3 inches from the lengths given above.
  • Allow 1 to 2 inches of slack for a trim but not tight fit on your horse

English riders: Your girth may not have a dee to snap to, like a western cinch does. Instead, you may have to remove the snap and loop the chest strap over the girth. Measure your horse from the center of his chest to the back edge of the girth.

Snaps are included to fasten the breast collar to the dees on a western-style saddle and cinch. The snaps can be easily removed if they will not work with your tack. The buckles, snaps and other hardware are solid brass.

The price shown is based on making this breast collar using our antique sleigh bells. The same design made with new sleigh bells or your sleigh bells will be less expensive.

This particular item is a retired product we no longer offer for sale. Items in this Custom Projects section are for information only; they are not available for regular sale.

Photo: (c) Kathy Blaszczyk, 2008, all rights reserved

Price: For inspiration, not for sale