DIY 19-bell lined strap kit

This DIY (do it yourself) kit will allow you to put your bells on a black 19-bell fully lined, buckled strap.

The strap will look best with medium to large bells that graduate in size. Click "See more images" to see an example of this strap with bells installed. I use this exact same strap to make the finished bell straps sold here:

The strap is 1 1/2 inches wide and and about 89 inches (7 ft 5 in) long from the buckle at one end to the tip of the billet at the other. When buckled, this strap will make a loop from 79 to 84 inches around.

The strap has a full leather lining, so the backside of this piece is a separate layer of smooth leather. The lining, buckle, and leather "keeper loops" are all stitched for durability and good looks. The top strap has been punched along its length with slots for all of the bells. We make each sturdy bell strap from USA-tanned bridle leather and solid brass hardware. 

To assemble this type of bell strap kit, first insert a bell into the slot closest to the buckle and fasten the bell in place with a wire bell pin. Insert a leather keeper loop over the other (non-buckle) end of the strap. Slide the keeper down the length of the strap until the keeper is right next to the bell you just installed. 

Fasten the second bell onto the strap using the second slot from the buckle. Slide another keeper onto the strap and slide it down until the keeper is next to the newly-installed bell. Repeat this process until all your bells and keepers are fastened onto the strap. The last keeper is held in place by the last bell. 

See these assembly instructions to learn how to fasten a bell onto a strap with a bell pin (the lacing steps in these instructions do not apply to this kit). Also see my videos on YouTube...

Kit includes the finished black leather strap, 18 leather keepers, and 19 large bell pins. Bells are not included. You provide the bells and simple tools and install your bells on the strap.

Sold per kit.

Price: $255.00
347.13 CAD 209.79 GBP 242.17 EUR