CUSTOM Kit, fully made to order

Do you want a customized DIY kit with a strap made specifically to fit your set of bells? If so, you are at the right spot to learn how to order a custom DIY kit. 

The kit will include a finished leather strap made to fit your set of bells as well as the appropriate hardware and fasteners to complete the project. Bells are not included -- you provide the bells and simple tools and install your bells on the strap.

We make each bell strap from USA-tanned bridle leather and solid brass hardware. The kit can be a "display strap" with a top ring for hanging on a doorknob or hook. Or the kit can be a buckled strap. See my ready-made DIY kits for the styles of straps that I can make into DIY kits.

The method of assembling a DIY kit will vary depending on the type of strap you want. See these general assembly instructions for more information about assembling a DIY display strap. Also see my videos on YouTube for more about assembling different kinds of buckled straps and display straps.

Please fill out one of the forms below and send it to me --

Interactive DIY Kit order form to fill out on your computer. This form may not print properly in the Firefox PDF reader, but it prints fine in  Adobe, Chrome, and Edge PDF readers

Printable DIY Kit order form to print and fill out by hand

Do NOT use these forms  if you are sending bells to our shop! To set up a custom sleigh bell restoration project, please see the Bell Restoration section...

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and I will be happy to help. 

Terms of sale --

1. Custom DIY kits must be paid in full when you place a firm order. For payment, I will create a special product listing for your kit on my website. When that listing is ready, I will send an email to your preferred email address with a link to that product listing. You can then order that product and pay online.

2. I will require 3 weeks to design and construct the kit after payment has been received. Shipping time will be in addition to this lead time.

3. I offer no guarantees about the accuracy of the design nor the appearance of the finished item, because the design of a custom DIY kit will be based on information solely provided by the customer and because the kit will be completed by the customer.

4. The price for a custom DIY kit will be higher compared with a similar ready-made DIY kit as sold on my website, due to the extra work involved to design and make a fully custom, one-of-a-kind product.

5. I do not accept returns of custom items. I will not issue a refund after leather has been cut for a custom DIY strap. I will not issue a refund if a custom DIY kit does not work out the way you expect

6. If an error is due to my mistake, I will make it right with the customer. 

Priced per kit. Price to be determined after I receive your order form.

Price: For inspiration, not for sale