Gift tag, 2" across, assorted colors, with lace

Leather tag is blank on both sides for you to inscribe a short message or name. I recommend using Sharpie Metallic Markers -- they work very well on this leather. The back side is rougher than the front, so it's best to keep the message on this side short and simple, or leave this side blank.

The tag is 2 inches across. Typical tag colors are black, dark brown, medium brown, red, and green. Let me know in the Notes section below if you have a color preference.

A soft deerskin lace is included for fastening the tag to your gift. At the time of this writing, all our laces are red.

Sold per set of tag and lace.

Price: $3.75
5.16 CAD 2.96 GBP 3.51 EUR