Copper rivet and burr, #14

This #14 solid copper rivet and burr (washer) is a light duty fastener -- best for fastening materials no more than about 1/4" thick.

The post of the rivet is 0.106" diameter and 3/4" long.

How to install: Find several nuts in your hardware collection that will just slip over the post of the rivet. Punch a hole in each leather part to be joined. Insert the post of the rivet through all holes. Put a burr onto the post of the rivet, then slip one nut over the post. Gently tap on the nut to force the burr down the post. Add more nuts and tap the burr further down the post, until the burr is seated snugly on the leather. Clip off the extra length of the post, leaving a scant 1/16" (2 mm) of the post sticking above the burr. Lightly tap the cut end of the post so the metal mushrooms over the burr. Aim to make a smooth, domed head that will firmly hold the rivet and burr together and does not have rough, sharp edges.Sold per set of rivet and burr.

Sold per set of rivet and burr.

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