Santa's antique seconds, assorted, pkg 10

These "seconds" bells are ideal for the Santa who wants to give unique, inexpensive antique bells to adults and school-age children. (Why would Santa give away reindeer bells that are still good enough to use?) The bells are also suitable as guest favors for weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Each package will contain 10 antique sleigh bells in assorted styles and sizes. These bells will have noticeable cracks, casting defects, deformation, discoloration, or other blemishes from age, accident, and use.

The bells will usually be smaller -- typically from 1 inch (marble size) to 1 1/2 inch (golf ball size) in diameter. Most will date to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Occasionally, a package may also contain a larger bell or an early 1800s bell. These solid brass bells will be clean, polished to a soft luster, and lacquered.

Most of these bells will have a pleasant jingle, but some bells will have a bit more "jangle" than jingle. There may also be a silent "non believer" bell in some packages. In the interests of honesty, not every Santa's second bell will sound good to everyone's ear. I am hoping that folks will be happy with the trade off in price versus quality.

Please see our selection of Santa's sleigh bells for "first quality" gift bells with very good sound and appearance.

Photo: Click "See more images" at left to see the second-quality bells in stock at the time the photo was taken. The bells have been arranged so the worst blemishes are visible. The mix of bells in each assortment will vary -- your package will not have the same blend of styles, sizes or colors as the assortment shown.

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Sold per package. Each package will contain 10 bells in an assortment of sizes and styles. No choice of size, style, color, or condition.

Sold as is -- no returns or guarantees. Availability is limited and subject to change without notice.

Price: $45.00
61.99 CAD 35.31 GBP 41.94 EUR
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