Antique petal bell, shank base, size #00, 7/8 in.

Antique petal bells, #00 size, approximately 7/8 " diameter. Most are from the late 1800s and early 1900s; a few are from the early 1800s. Bells supplied will be similar in general appearance to the bell shown, but details may vary.

Please be aware that I do not have any perfect #00 bells -- meaning bells with a crisp, full "daisy" pattern AND complete, legible size marking AND pristine condition AND clear musical sound.

Here is what to expect from the #00 bells I have in stock:

  • I have no bells in stock that are clearly marked with a "00" size marking. Manufacturers did not always put a size marking on their #00 bells. For bells that are marked, an off-center "0" is generally visible, but the second "0" will be illegible or missing
  • The condition of the "daisy" pattern will vary from faint to reasonably crisp. If you purchase more than one bell, expect variations in the condition of the pattern from bell to bell
  • There will be no cracks in these bells from use, but there may be casting defects -- small holes from air bubbles or irregularities in the throat (slit)
  • The sound of these bells will vary widely. Due to their size, all have a high pitched, light sound, but some bells have a quiet, faint sound and others are a little louder and more musical

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Use solid-brass figure-8 bell pins to fasten these bells. Purchase fasteners here... I normally use bell pins in size small for these. 

Sold per each. Quantities are extremely limited and subject to change without notice.

Price: $33.50
45.60 CAD 27.56 GBP 31.81 EUR