Antique petal bell, shank base, size #00, 7/8 in.

Antique petal bells, #00 size, approximately 7/8 " diameter. I have a few that date to the late 1800s and early 1900s. A larger group date to the early 1800s. 

A late 1800s bell is shown in this listing; it has a distinct rim or ridge around the middle, which is typical for bells from this era. Early 1800s bells (not shown) have a smooth chicken-egg shape, which is typical for bells made back then.

Please understand I do not have any perfect #00 bells -- meaning bells with a crisp, full "daisy" pattern AND complete, legible size marking AND pristine condition AND clear musical sound.

Here is what to expect from the #00 bells I have in stock:

  • I have no bells in stock that are clearly marked with a "00" size marking. Manufacturers did not always put a size marking on their #00 bells. For bells that are marked, an off-center "0" is generally visible, but the second "0" will be illegible or missing
  • The condition of the "daisy" pattern will vary from faint to reasonably crisp. The early 1800s bells typically have faint patterns due to being smoothed with a lathe when the bells were manufactured
  • There will be no cracks in these bells from use, but there may be casting defects -- small holes from air bubbles or irregularities in the throat (slit)
  • The sound of these bells will vary widely. Due to their size, all have a high pitched, light sound, but some bells have a quiet, faint sound and others are a little louder and more musical

More about petal bells... and More about our bells...

Use solid-brass figure-8 bell pins to fasten these bells. Purchase fasteners here... I normally use bell pins in size small for these. 

Choose from 3 groups: (1) late 1800s bells that make sound, (2) late 1800s bells that do not have a pea inside so they're silent, and (3) early 1800s bells that make sound. I am discounting the silent bells; the discount will be shown in your cart when you check out.

Sold per each. Quantities are extremely limited and subject to change without notice.

Price: $33.50
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