Late 1900s and modern horse brasses

These modern horse brasses date from the the last half of the 1900s to recent years. Most of these brasses have never been worn by horses, so they show little or no wear, scratches, or other damage. They have been lightly polished by hand on the front, but are unpolished on the back.

The backs of many late 1900s and modern brasses are flat, as you can see in the photos here. This is a key feature to look for when deciding if a brass is a collectible item or a true antique.

Click "See more images" to see the front and backs of the brasses available at the time of this writing. Click the following links to see even larger images of the same photos:

Fronts Rows 1-2

Backs Rows 1-2

Fronts Row 3

Backs Row 3

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