New jingle bell, 3 sizes, 2 colors

These "jingle" bells are sometimes called "arctic" bells. The bells are made of steel with a silver-tone or gold-tone finish.

Your choice of size and color. The gold-tone bells shown are 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" diameter. They were placed on a 1 1/2" wide strap to give a sense of scale.

Most jingle bells on the market have a loop on the base of the bell. These bells do not -- they have a hole in the base for use with 5/32" diameter blind rivets (aka "Pop" rivets) or self-threading sheet metal screws. When fastened to a leather or sturdy fabric strap, these bells sit flat on the strap.

I do not sell blind rivets or sheet-metal screws, but these fasteners are sold at many hardware stores.

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Price shown below is for the large bell. Click "Bell size" to select another size and view its price.

Sold per each.

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