Antique petal gift bell, sizes 2XL and 3XL

Solid cast-brass antique bells with a traditional petal design and a loud, deep "baritone" sound. Choose from two sizes -- 2 1/8" to 2 1/4" across (2XL size) or 2 3/8" to 2 1/2" across (3XL size). The 3XL bells are roughly the size of a tennis ball. 

The bells come in two levels of quality --

  • Average quality. If a large sleigh bell survives a century or more of use on horses without being badly damaged, it will usually have a loud, resonant "clangy" sound and have several cracks or other blemishes due to age and normal use.
  • Extra quality. A few of our large antique bells are a step above. Compared with average-quality bells, they will have a more musical sound (more like a "liberty" style teacher's bell) and smaller and fewer defects overall.

All of these large antique bells will have some flaws such as casting defects, hairline cracks, scratches, etc. These bells will be slightly different in shape and size depending on the original maker's molds. The decorative design may also vary in clarity and completeness. 

If you order two or more of these bells, we will do our best to send bells that are similar in appearance and tone, but we cannot guarantee they will match.

These golden bells are buffed to a soft luster, lacquered to retard tarnish, decorated with a glove-soft deerskin lace, and packaged with a durable red gift bag.

More about our bells...

International customers -- this bell is too large to ship economically and safely in a lower-cost "flat rate" package. Please choose a bell that is size #8 (2 inches across) or smaller for flat-rate shipping.

Price is for one bell with red lace and gift bag, as shown.

Price: $65.00
88.52 CAD 50.82 GBP 59.73 EUR