Leather-covered horseshoe

Yes, there's a real horseshoe inside! We cover horseshoes with leather to form a unique paperweight and conversation piece.

A golden medium brown color similar to that shown is standard. It is the most popular color at horse shows and craft fairs. The color will vary slightly, since the leather is hand dyed. Dark brown and black are also available upon request. Click "See more images" to view the range of colors.

We use horseshoes made by our Iowa neighbors at Nordic Forge. Your choice of pony- or horse-sized horseshoe. Sizes within each category may vary slightly, depending on our inventory. A horse-sized shoe is shown at left.

I have done limited production runs of 20 to 60 of these shoes for corporate gifts and awards as well as for interior design projects. Due to the effort required to handmake this item, I do not offer reduced pricing for large or wholesale quantities, but I will be glad to work with you to meet deadlines or adapt the design to your needs.

Sold per each. Made to order -- allow about 1-3 weeks for us to make this item, depending on the quantity ordered.

Price: $24.00
32.69 CAD 18.52 GBP 22.04 EUR