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Our Qualifications

We definitely are not the only ones who can do quality leatherwork. So why are we better qualified to restore your bells than an experienced harness maker or leatherworker?

We specialize in restoring antique horse bells. Since 2001, our goal has been to produce well made, heirloom quality bell straps and other bell-related items that our customers can use, display and treasure for many years.

We get to study many bell straps and bells every year, some of which are close to 200 years old. We know the construction methods, the leather and the hardware that are historically correct and long-lived, and those that are not.

We can provide reliable information to our customers about their bells through our ongoing research into horse bell production and history.

We can usually replace missing or damaged bells or supply bells as the customer requests. We have thousands of antique bells in our inventory, unlike most harness makers and leather workers.

We have developed a process to clean and polish old bells that is safe, gentle and thorough. We do not use "quick-fix" methods that call for harsh abrasives or acids. Our cleaning process will not destroy the patina and antique value of your bells.

We use only high quality materials, including vegetable-tanned bridle leather produced in the U.S. and sturdy solid brass, copper, and stainless-steel hardware.

We pay careful attention to the details, just as an experienced 1800s harness maker would. Please view our custom project portfolio for more information -- the photos make this point better than any words can.

Our motto: "We'd rather explain the price than apologize for the quality."