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Labels and Labeling

Did you know there's a difference between a "label" and "labeling"? Briefly, a label is the information found directly on your product, and labeling is the secondary information in your store, sales booth, or website.

Do you know the rules for designing a correct label for US sale? I am often doubtful, but I can rely on Marie Gale who is an expert on soap and cosmetic labeling. In the United States, labels for soap can be pretty basic, as Marie's first article explains, but a label is still required --

Many soap makers, including myself, are of the opinion that soap labels should include a full ingredients list. In other words, we create labels to meet cosmetic labeling requirements. Why? Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients. Other people simply want to know what they're buying. An ingredients list allows consumers to make an informed choice. Here is more about labeling to meet cosmetic requirements --

Here is her helpful blog post about errors often made when designing product labels:

Even though a label on your soap may be in compliance for the rules for soap labels, the labeling in your store, sales booth, or website can redefine the product as a cosmetic or drug if you make inappropriate claims. You are responsible for ensuring your labels and your labeling being in compliance. Marie Gale explains in more detail:

Have trouble finding information on the FDA website? Here is a handy FAQ (frequently asked questions) about FDA rules for soap, cosmetics, and drugs: