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Labels and Labeling

Did you know there's a difference between a "label" and "labeling"? Briefly, a label is the marking on your product, and labeling is the secondary information in your store, sales booth, or website.

Do you know the rules for designing a correct label for US sale? I am often doubtful, but I can rely on Marie Gale who is an expert on soap and cosmetic labeling. Here is her helpful blog post about errors often made when designing soap labels:

Even though a label on a bar of soap may be in compliance for the rules for soap, your labeling can redefine the product as a cosmetic or drug if you make inappropriate claims. You are responsible for both being in compliance with the rules.

Marie Gale explains in more detail:

Have trouble finding information on the FDA website? Here is a handy FAQ (frequently asked questions) about FDA rules for soap, cosmetics, and drugs: