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Brosamer's Bells. Historic and pre-owned house, church, and other BIG bells. USA.

Northwoods Falconry. New handmade bells made of bronze, brass, or nickel silver for use with hunting hawks, falcons, eagles and other raptors. USA.

"Jingle Bells" by Valvert Lucius Fox. This enjoyable, informative article was first published in the Rural Heritage magazine, Winter 2000 issue. USA.

UK Detector Finds Database. A record of metal detector finds. Search the database for "bell" and for "crotal". Be sure to read the article on Crotal Bells. UK.

American Bell Association (ABA). Organization for 1700 friendly, bell crazy members. Founded in 1940. Ask bell related questions in the Bell Talk discussion forums. USA.

Blagovest Bells. History, manufacture, care & use of bells. USA and Russia.

National Horse Brass Society (NHBS). Organization for people interested in harness decorations such as swingers, plates, rosettes, bells, and horse brasses. Membership information and NHBS publications. UK.