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Learn More About Sleigh Bells

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Youtube videos about sleigh bells


Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits:

Door strap kit tutorial (PDF)

Horse brass strap kit tutorial (PDF)

How-to videos for assembling DIY kits (YouTube)


Sleigh Bells: What different styles of sleigh bells are there?

Bell Straps: How are bells used on horses?


Appraising & Buying: Do we appraise or buy sleigh bells?


Bell Restoration: What can be done to fix up sleigh bells?

Sleigh Bell Care: Tips for hand cleaning and polishing bells and bell straps


Fakes I: "Old" bells: Detect "instant antique" bells

Fakes II: "Old" straps: Detect "instant antique" straps

Fakes III: Case Studies: How I evaluate sleigh bells and straps


Dating Bells: Estimate the age of sleigh bells

Sizing Bells: What does that number on a sleigh bell mean?

Sleigh Bell Sound: Why do sleigh bells sound so distinctive?


Training Your Horse to safely wear bells


History of horse & sleigh bells

Campaigning against Crazy Horse: Military pack-mule strings and bell horses in the late 1800s

Metals used for sleigh bells


Links to other internet resources about bells


Verlane Desgrange: Leatherworking tips and tutorials from this master leather worker

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