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Our Critters

The critters who currently live with us include our crew of seven Norwegian Fjords -- geldings Tuopen (too-pin), Mikkel, and Tally; and mares Kari (keh-ree), Sissel, Ingrid, and Agnes. Oh, and there's also Duncan, the dark quarter horse gelding who thinks he's a Fjord, but wins all the pasture races!

We also have four dogs -- Parker a crochety Basset Hound, beauty queen Gypsy (German shorthair pointer), Ocho a lovable pitbull, and Rocket a long lanky pup. Och and Rocket are both from Caye Caulker, Belize. The dogs share the house with five well-fed cats -- elders Murry and Albert and youngsters Riley, Tish, and Cleo.