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Sending Your Bells for Restoration

Project information

Please include your contact information and project instructions with your bells! The best way to do this is to print and fill out our Custom Order Worksheet and send it with your bells. If you have trouble viewing this worksheet, please write on a sheet of paper your name, address, phone, email, and a general description of the work you would like done. Include this sheet with your bells. More about our bell restoration services...


We request a down payment when a firm order is placed for a custom project -- please see our Custom Order Worksheet. More about payment information...


Please do not clean the bells or the old strap, if you have it. Just send the bells and strap to us, and let us do the work.

Please do not stuff anything inside the bells to quiet them during shipping. The sound is not a problem, and the stuffing can be very difficult to remove.

Wrap groups of bells or your bell strap in newspaper or bubble wrap, put the packets of bells in a sturdy box, and add enough extra crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap to keep the bells from moving around in the box. If you are planning to ship via USPS Priority Mail, your local Post Office will supply sturdy Priority Mail boxes for free, and I recommend their use.

Put your project worksheet with your contact information and work instructions in the box with your bells. Securely tape all seams of the box with wide packing tape. Do not use string or regular cellophane tape or wrap the box with extra brown paper. Affix a shipping label, and you're set to go!


Our address for all shippers:

Classic Bells Ltd
669 Woodchuck Drive
Postville, Iowa 52162

Insurance: All customers should insure their bells for $5 to $10 per bell, based roughly on size. Insurance covers theft or loss, but it does not cover improper or inadequate packaging.

U.S. customers: USPS Priority Mail is usually the least expensive for packages under about 4 pounds. UPS or FedEx will usually be the most economical for packages over about 4 pounds.

Canadian customers: I strongly recommend the Expedited Parcel-USA shipping offered by the Canada Post. Be sure to note on the customs form that the items in your package are being sent for repair and will be returned to you. You are responsible for paying all customs and brokerage fees; please fill out the customs paperwork accordingly.