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Other Bells

French animal bells

French sleigh bell French sleigh bell French sleigh bell

Crotal bells similar to the bell shown below were made in France about 1880. This series of bells featured about a dozen different animals and flowers and were made in at least 8 sizes. (1)

The bell pictured here, found in Germany, has leaping or rearing horses on either side of the throat (slit) and lion's heads circling the shank. A corroded iron bell pin is still in place on the shank.

The leaping-horse version of this bell has been reproduced and sold in the US in recent decades. The reproduction has a standing horse in place of the lion's head. (1)

Photos: Animal bells. Copyright by Titus Jonas, all rights reserved.


Indian and Asian bells

Elephant bellCollectible bells Sarna bell from India

We often receive inquiries about collectible brass bells similar to those shown. They are often made in India, China, and other Asian countries.

These bells are typically intended for use as gifts and souvenirs, not as horse bells.

Tiger bellTiger bell


First row, left to right: One bell in a string of "Bells of Sarna", assorted bells with holiday inscriptions, a small "dance bell" often sewn onto clothing, elephant bells.

Second row: Tiger bells from Nepal, Tibet, India, and nearby countries.


Collectible bells

Some companies offer sterling silver, silver-plated, or nickel silver collectible bells. Although these bells look similar to horse bells, they are intended for display only.

Reed and Barton, Gorham, Towle, Leonard, Hallmark, and Wallace are company names to research.

Collectible bellCollectible bell Collectible bell


Left to right: Collectible bells from Wallace, Gorham, and Reed & Barton.


Hawk or falconer's bells

Falconer's bells are small bells that are attached to the legs of captive hawks, eagles, falcons and other raptors used for hunting.

Some horse bells are similar in shape to falconer's bells, but they are much too large and heavy to be worn by birds.

Hawk bellHawk bell Hawk bell


Left to right: Falconer's bell from Pakistan; bell made by Ricardo Velarde, USA; bell from the Book of Days by Robert Chambers, 1869.


(1) Don Livingston, sleigh bell collector. Personal communication, 2 April 2010.