Sleigh Bell Designs

Petal bells: Bells decorated with a daisy or horseshoe pattern

American horse bell makers: Some of the better known foundries in the 1800s and early 1900s.


Swedish bells: Large bells usually with six distinctive pie wedges on the top

Round ridge bells: Similar in shape to a petal bell but without the decorative daisy pattern

Globe bells: Small, smooth bells with an egg or spherical shape


Band bells: Small bells with cone-shaped faces

Specialty bells: Small bells with unusual shapes or decorative patterns.

Machine-stamped bells: Bells stamped and formed from sheet brass by machines


Double- and triple-throat bells: Bells with two or three throats (slits) on the top

Open-mouth bells: 'Liberty' bells and Swiss cow bells (also called Saignelegier bells)

Saddle and shaft bells. Foot gongs: Bells with two or more clappers


Crotals: What are the parts of a sleigh bell? How is it made?

Shank & rivet bells: How are bells attached to a strap?

Other bells: Bells that are not sleigh bells


Bell straps & brackets: How were bells put on a horse or its vehicle?