Premium laced neck or body strap, 25 bells

This strap with 25 new solid-brass bells has eleven #4 (1 1/2") bells at either end. In the center are a pair of #7 (1 7/8") or #8 (2") bells and one #9 (2 1/8") or #10 (2 1/4") bell. The actual sizes of the three center bells will depend on the bells I have in stock.

The abundance of #4 bells gives this strap a bright, loud, cheery sound, while the larger center bells add depth to the tone. The design for this strap was adapted from a strap of antique bells I restored some years ago.

The lining is laced onto the bell strap using an attractive, durable design that originated in the mid-1800s. The finished piece is 1 1/2" wide and 57 inches long from buckle to buckle. The bell strap is finished with solid brass 7/8" buckles at both ends.

A separate billet is buckled on to complete the piece. With a correctly-sized billet buckled onto the bell strap, this strap could be used as a neck strap for medium to large equines or as a body strap for smaller equines. This strap also looks good on Santa's shoulder.

One billet is included. It fastens onto the buckles to complete the piece and adds 2 to 6 extra inches of length depending on which holes you use. Longer billets may be ordered separately to fit your horse.

Strap will be made from durable bridle leather in your choice of black, dark brown, or medium brown. View colors... The strap will be made with new solid-brass petal bells and solid brass buckles. More about our bells...

Sold per each. Made to order -- allow about 3 weeks for us to make this item

Price: $445.00
606.18 CAD 343.36 GBP 408.64 EUR