Billet for 2-buckle bell strap

Some of our long sleigh bell straps are made with two buckles, one at each end. A billet, a plain strap with holes for the buckles. must be fastened onto the bell strap to complete the piece. This two-buckle design adds versatility -- just use a longer or shorter billet if you want to put your bell strap on a different horse.

One billet is always included with our double-buckle bell straps. See the description for the bell strap for more details. If you need a billet of a different length, order it here.

The length of these billets is based on the number of inches you need to add to fit your horse. If two sizes of billets will work, I suggest picking the longer one. For example, if you need a billet that will add 12 more inches, I would choose the "8 to 18" billet rather than the "4 to 14" billet.

The width of the billet needs to fit the buckles on the strap you have in mind. If you are ordering a bell strap and want this billet to fit that strap, choose the width "to fit the bell strap" and I will size the billet accordingly.

Sold per each.

Price: $9.25
12.60 CAD 7.14 GBP 8.49 EUR
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