Draft-style unlined neck strap with 2 buckles, 9 antique bells

This neck strap has 9 antique "round ridge" bells made in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

These solid-brass bells graduate along the strap from a #3 (1 3/8") bell at each end to a #6 (1 3/4") or #7 (1 7/8") bell in the middle. The bells produce far more music than you would expect from just 9 bells. They make a cheerful, pleasant medium-bright sound. More about our bells... 

The strap is made of durable black bridle-leather. Each end of the strap has a solid-brass buckle and a billet (tongue). When the billet is fastened onto its buckle, it forms a loop that you can slip over the hame of a draft (farm) style collar and hames. Click "See more images" to see larger photos.

Although I have never tried it, this strap may also work with a riding saddle -- buckle the loops of the bell strap through the front dees of the saddle.

When buckled in the middle hole of each billet, the strap is about 50 inches long. By choosing other holes in the billets, the strap can be lengthened to 56 inches or shortened to 44. This range of sizes will fit many regular-size horses as well as most small and medium draft horses. It is a good idea, however, to measure to make sure the strap will fit your particular horse and harness.

Made to order -- allow about 3 weeks for us to make this item.

Sold per each. A pair of handmade red tassels is included.

Price: $290.00
394.95 CAD 226.72 GBP 266.48 EUR