Unlined neck strap with 2 buckles, 20 antique bells

This limited-edition sleigh bell strap has 20 antique "double throat" bells.

The bells have a smooth spherical shape similar to a globe bell. Most globe bells have only one throat (slit) across the top, but these bells are unusual for having two throats. This double-throat design softens the sound a bit, compared to the same bell with a single throat. Even so, the bells still have a merry, bright jingle that carries well.

All bells are #2 size, 1 1/4 inches across. That's about the size of an large English walnut. They were handmade in the late 1800s or early 1900s. More about our bells...

The black leather bell strap is 7/8 inches wide and about 45 inches long from buckle to buckle. It is a single layer of leather -- there is no separate lining strap. 

When the bell strap is buckled onto the included 2" to 7" billet, the strap will make a circle 47 to 52 inches around. When shaped into an oval, the strap makes an oval about 20 inches long and 10 inches wide. Click "See more images" to see this strap when buckled. Click here to order billets in other lengths.

As shown, this strap will look good in Santa's hand. It should also fit around the neck of a large pony or cob-sized horse. It may fit a a regular-sized saddle or driving horse, although a longer billet may be required. Please measure before ordering!

At the time of this writing, I have three straps ready for immediate sale. Each one is identical in appearance to the one shown in the photos.

No rain checks and no back orders. When these straps are gone, they're gone.

Price: $417.00
568.04 CAD 321.76 GBP 382.93 EUR