Vintage embossed strap with 13 Dexter bells and spots

This vintage strap with vintage sleigh bells is offered in the same used condition as we received it. Please click on "See more images" to see larger photos of the strap and the bells.

The brass "Dexter" bells on this strap are 1 1/2" diameter and were most likely made in the early 1900s. An unusual detail is the decorative brass "spots" between each pair of bells. The bells and spots still have remnants of their original silvery nickel plating. More about Dexter bells...

The strap is the original strap on which the bells were installed when new. The black leather is embossed with a swirling cable pattern. It is about 42 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide. 

The original billet and buckle at the ends are missing; a hole on each end allows the strap to be hung on a door or wall or tied to a railing or newel post. 

At one time, brightly-colored wool felt was stitched to the back of the strap. Nearly all of this felt is long gone, but small traces are still visible on the back.

We have only wiped the bells and strap clean of loose grime and dust; we have made no other changes or repairs.

This item is suitable for decorative purposes only. Do not use this strap on a horse or for any other application where strength, safety, and durability are requirements.

Contact me before buying if you have questions. You may return the strap for a refund of your purchase price (no refund of shipping costs) if returned in the same condition it was when I shipped it to you. This item is sold with no warranty and no guarantee.

One available as shown.

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